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Hi, I'm Benjamin Kamp, and I am passionate about seeing people and businesses fully become what they are meant to be. Below you will find what you're looking for - from books and courses to custom high-level transformational coaching & consulting services.

Benjamin Kamp

Benjamin Kamp is a business coach, entrepreneur, CTO, web & digital advisor, reformer, and author of "Simplify Online."

Businesses & individuals who know they are called to a bigger story hire me to empower their lives and businesses - to help them get clarity on the plan, build the team, and understand what that looks like in an "online" world.

I believe in individuals, organizations, and our creative potential to disrupt the status quo and transform every area of society.

I believe that that the world suffers loss every time someone gives up on the passion of their heart. What you are creating has purpose and is needed.

I live to see you and your business fully come into your purpose. I offer a unique blend of business & executive coaching mixed with business & digital advisory and mentorship.

If You Don't Live Your Purpose... We All Lose.

"There is something beautiful about a business. Its dreams realized - born of the courage that gave life to that dream. I consider it a great honor to gift clarity to entrepreneurs and strategy to businesses."

- Benjamin Kamp

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Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing

Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing

BISVI | Virtual CTO & Web Advisory Services

BISVI | Virtual CTO, Web Advisory, and Digital Leadership Services

Benjamin Kamp Coaching

Business Coaching and Executive Coaching with Benjamin Kamp

Bisvi Purpose Accelerator

Bisvi Purpose Accelerator

Healthy Vacation Club

Healthy Vacation Club

Creative Collective

Creative Collective

Dark Chocolate Diet Book

Dark Chocolate Diet

Worth it Living



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“I find the diamonds in people and businesses and help them draw that out, gain clarity, step into transformation, and fully live their purpose.”

Benjamin Kamp

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  Empowering individuals and organizations to maximize their potential and live their purpose through business, web, technology, and individual empowerment. 

Benjamin Kamp 

 Business Coach / Web & Digital Advisor / Virtual CTO + CMO /Certified Executive Coach / Author / Entrepreneur / Change Agent

I used to be a full-stack web developer and digital marketing specialist. Most of my clients were web and advertising agencies. Now I turn my focus to the bigger picture. Not with development services, but with a new breed of coaching, consulting, and advisory that understands the digital world, but places value on individuals and stories. Because in a digital world, we need less, not more. We need clarity, simplicity, and most of all, we need heart. 

Benjamin Kamp


Hi, my name is Benjamin Kamp, I started programming and building websites in 1998, and started my first business in 2001. Educated in biology, computer science, and business development, I’ve worked to push my limitations in designing and developing business focused solutions for an array of businesses, organizations, and government agencies both in the USA and Europe.  

In 2006 I moved from the US to Sweden and was an advisor for multiple web and advertising agencies along with several larger media and e-commerce businesses. Getting to lead the technology side of so many businesses opened my eyes to something I had already begun noticing. Too many businesses and organizations were being hurt by their technology – broken and hacked websites, missing functionality, disappearing customer communication, and useless ad spend.  

In 2012 I helped my wife start a wellness business, complete with a wellness center, cafe, and web shop. At the wellness center a lot of our focus ended up being on helping people with burn-out, which in Sweden has grown by 70% in 6 years. I again was reminded how much technology, which is supposed to be simplifying our lives, was doing the opposite.  

I started understanding the severity of the problems that I saw almost daily as a web advisor and on-demand CTO. Companies being led by mostly well-meaning web consultants to invest in web “activity” that in the big picture was pointless, if not harmful, for the vision of their company.  

In 2016 we started our move back to the US with new vision. Taking a lot of what we learned in the process and connecting business, marketing, technology, wellness, and minimalism to help individuals and organizations focus in on their vision and purpose.

“What does that look like?” I hear you ask. It’s technology that simplifies living. Advice that focuses on what NOT to do more that what to do.

On-Demand/Virtual CTO Leadership? Digital & Web Advisory?


There's something beautiful about a business. It’s an individual’s dream realized. It’s being enough alive to take a risk and give life to that dream. I love the dreamers. Those who dare to do. So I ask myself… What can I do to empower that?

-Benjamin Kamp

Skill Set

Coaching, Business & Leadership

  • Business and leadership experience at multiple levels and in both the USA and Europe.
  • Founder, partner and/or developer in multiple start-up companies, both online and offline in the health, media, retail, auction, sport, and fashion industries.
  • Have developed software with business logic using multiple development methods and development frameworks.
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified RISE Coach
  • Certified Life on Fire Coach

Technology My minimalist strategy keeps your technology simple & smart to empower you and your team to do what they do best. I consider:

  • The balance of functionality & usability.
  • Speed
  • Security & privacy

Marketing & Optimization

  • Search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM).
  • Email marketing and list building.
  • Growth hacking.
  • Conversion optimization & sales funnels.
  • A/B & multivariate testing.
  • Social media marketing and management.  


Development Experience  

  • Windows & Linux administration and optimization.
  • Web & mobile development - standards, frameworks, best-practices, optimization, UI/UX.
  • Payment and payment gateway development, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI).
  • Android & iOS development experience.
  • Favorite languages: PHP, JavaScript, Go, Node.js
  • Favorite frameworks: Laravel, Joomla! Framework, CodeIgniter, Yii, F3, AngularJS, React
  • Favorite CMS: Joomla!, Wordpress, Hugo, Pagekit, Drupal, MODX, concrete5, GetSimple, Perch, October, Kirby, TYPO3


  • Web Partners: Bisvi, Worth it Living, EB Web Services Inc., Mavriks, Creative Collective, CDI, KingFo IT, WhiteCloud
  • Technology Partners: Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, Callpage

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Entrepreneurs hire me to intentionally step into their next season, because most are distracted, overwhelmed, and confused about the next step. So I help them gain clarity, take action, and build partnerships to enter and thrive.

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Today's world is changing. Your vision will either be empowered by it or limited in it. Are you looking into the future and setting a course, or are you being pushed around by change?

Business Coaching

Transform your business. Transform your life.

"Business Coaching" is really just a catch-all for what I really do.

I used to be a web developer and designer. Then I realized I could help people and businesses in a deeper way, so I started working more on digital advisory and leadership (CTO) services under my BISVI brand. Even there I saw an opportunity to do more...

You see, coaching is a process of gaining clarity, understanding what's important, and then setting and taking action steps that move you in the right direction. And that, is the foundation of digital strategy.

What I offer is coaching, but it's more than that.

Where the coaching ends, the process of helping you understand what the core of your vision, offer, and purpose look like in a digital and online world.

"I was so encouraged after the first group coaching session that I took action and reached out to a celebrity's company to discuss a partnership. And now we are in talks about doing business together!" -R.S., Miami FL

Executive Coaching

Coaching services that build and strengthen transformational leadership. We work with the executive team member to build clarity and deal with issues that are keeping them from their full potential.

My executive coaching program is a mix of my own programs based on:  

  • Corporate and personal purpose and vision.
  • Minimalism and simplification.
  • Technology and web-based tools and systems.  

Executive coaching is individual focused and always custom, but can include elements of:

  • Clarify and reinforce the vision, goals, and values to create individual unified vision.
  • Find the individual conversion point of passion, skill and the right type of value for your company.
  • Strengthen self/team-confidence & trust to handle the job, deliver on time, and take ownership.
  • Open communication to quickly solve problems and recognize achievements.
  • Diet and lifestyle for optimal performance.
  • Stress management.
  • Work-life balance.

“Believe us when we tell you, you're going to be so grateful for the time and wisdom you receive from Benjamin Kamp. He's been a blessing to us personally and we know he's a gift from God to this generation of Kingdom reformers!”

Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow, Founders, RESTORE7

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CTO, Consulting, and Advisory Services

My virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer) as well as consulting and web/digital advisory services are under my BISVI brand. BISVI stands for Business Vision and under my leadership offers what I believe is the missing key in the world of web services...

There are plenty of web developers, designers, and agencies, but far too few that focus on the big picture. You don't hire the contractor until after the architect has designed your house!

CTO & Advisory Services at BISVI

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The Get on Your Feet Challenge

Go from script to performance in 5 days!

The Speaking Story Course

Develop and deliver stories that connect, catalyze and convert!

“I’ve had so many people say “‘wow - that was so different than any other talk you’ve given!” And I didn’t feel nervous, rushed, or uncomfortable for a change!”

Remi Stonewall


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