Do you have a vision for your life and business that's bigger than where you are right now?

Hi, I'm Benjamin Kamp, and I am passionate about seeing people and businesses fully become what they are meant to be. Below you will find what you're looking for - from books and courses to custom high-level transformational coaching & consulting services.

Benjamin Kamp

Benjamin Kamp is a business coach, entrepreneur, CTO, web & digital advisor, reformer, and author of "Simplify Online."

Businesses & individuals who know they are called to a bigger story hire me to empower their lives and businesses - to help them get clarity on the plan, build the team, and understand what that looks like in an "online" world.

I believe in individuals, organizations, and our creative potential to disrupt the status quo and transform every area of society.

I believe that the world suffers loss every time someone gives up on the passion of their heart. What you are creating has purpose and is needed.

I live to see you and your business fully come into your purpose. I offer a unique blend of business & executive coaching mixed with business & digital advisory and mentorship.

If You Don't Live Your Purpose... We All Lose.

"There is something beautiful about a business. Its dreams realized - born of the courage that gave life to that dream. I consider it a great honor to gift clarity to entrepreneurs and strategy to businesses."

- Benjamin Kamp

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Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing

Simplify Online: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Technology and Marketing

BISVI | Virtual CTO & Web Advisory Services

BISVI | Virtual CTO, Web Advisory, and Digital Leadership Services

Benjamin Kamp Coaching

Business Coaching and Executive Coaching with Benjamin Kamp

Bisvi Purpose Accelerator

Bisvi Purpose Accelerator

Healthy Vacation Club

Healthy Vacation Club

Creative Collective

Creative Collective

Dark Chocolate Diet Book

Dark Chocolate Diet

Worth it Living



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“I find the diamonds in people and businesses and help them draw that out, gain clarity, step into transformation, and fully live their purpose.”

Benjamin Kamp

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